Monday, July 30, 2012

J Style Gift

JStyle has this great Dress, Skin, and Shape for you for free.


Prism's August Group Gift

Prism has their new August Group Gift out called "Life's a Beach" for all of their Group Members.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ruxy Group Gift

TP over to Ruxy, join their group and get this cute group gift for free:

Gift is located in the left corner in the  garden.


Bliss Group Gift - Last Day

Bliss has this beautiful appreciation dress for their group members:

Hurry because there's only one day left!!

Shiki Group Gifts Galore!

TP over to Shiki, join their group ($0L to join) and make room in your inventory because they have over 50 free group gifts for men and women in their VIP area.

These are their newest group gifts:


Thursday, July 26, 2012

In "honour" of the London Olympics :)

TP over to Menstuff/Womenstuff/Homestuff lounge for this awesome UK tshirt.  Join the Menstuff Group (50L to join) and click on Tamiron Forge's group gift box to get your tshirt!

There are lots more group gifts for you in the Menstuff Lounge as well in the Womenstuff Lounge and even a Homestuff Lounge.


J Style Group Gift

TP over to JStyle and join their group to get this cute outfit, plus the shape & skin!

No fee to join!


My Sale Budoir Group Gift

Join My Sale Budoir's Group and get this beautiful Free skin.

No fee for joining.


Paris Metro Gift available only @ The Nest Jazz Lounge

TP over to The Nest Jazz Lounge to get this beautiful gown from Paris Metro.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Spyralle Group Gift

For Spyralle Group members only:

TP to Spyralle, join group and get group gift!



DCNY has this cute dollarbie at their store:


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Join the Envious Group for this cute outfit:

TP over to Envious, join their group by copying this link and pasting on your open chat window and clicking: secondlife:///app/group/ab0c99bb-74c5-ed0f-8a81-684d00795435/about and its yours!


For one day only Dulce has this shape for $0L:

Monday, July 23, 2012

[[ Lissee ]] Group Gift

[[ Lissee ]] has his gorgeous new skin as a group gift:

Join [[ Lissee ]] and look in past notices for this great skin!

Seldom Blue / Freebie Fashonista

Seldom Blue has this breathtaking gown at the Freebie Fashionista location where there are lots of more freebies and dollarbies for you:

You must join the Freebie Fashionista group to get gift.  No cost for joining.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whats the big YDEA???

If you are in the need for a new summer wardrobe, head over to YDEA to get tons of new freebie outfits in their group member area:

There is also a Gift Box located next to the Gift Wall that contains all of these cool outfits:

and if that weren't enough..there are also 2 additional gifts for women and 2 for men:


Azul has this gorgeous dress as their July Group Gift:

Join group, walk over to their group gift kiosk on the first floor and its yours!


Hello again!'s been over 2 years!!  It's been a while eh?  While I can't promise daily postings, I will say that I'll post from time to time some good freebies and finds.

For example, today I came across these great freebies & gifts:

Eluzion  has these wonderful earrings as their Subscriber Freebie:

TP over to Unique Clothing for this cute blue dress that is **free** this weekend only!

and be sure to snag these super cute hot pink heels as their Group Gift.

Group is free to join.  Enjoy!!